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While I admit that I have chosen a somewhat cliché, maverick-esque greeting, allow me to redeem myself. I believe, the significance of this greeting amounts to the essence of this blog. While Namaste can be defined as “I bow to the divine within you”, the significance of acknowledging that we are one of the same consciousness, recognising an other on a conscious level, beyond the external, truly is the epitome of a conscious culture.

A quick introduction-

My name is Shari. I am currently undertaking my masters degree in Media Studies. Being in my fifth year of studies of the media, I have found that with each year I have found myself falling deeper and deeper into a very specific kind of consciousness, one that can be likened to a dark mass which continues to gape with the circulation of my thoughts. Why does the media excavate such a dark mass? Unfortunately, there is a great bunch of reporting which resists the greater grain of our inner most consciousness. Deep down, we all have values which may vary culturally or religiously, but I do believe that these values all have one thing in common: humanity.

We are constantly confronted with a contention, from war, to intolerance of various races, sexualities, cultures and so on, these issues all conflict with our values to a certain degree. Once we confront this contention, we have two options- either to dwell and sink further into this dark mass, or through consciously living, allow for our conscious thoughts and actions to create a culture which harvests into some kind of radiation from this space.

Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes.

The aim of this blog is to create a stream of conscious thought- a conscious way of being. A conscious culture. The bystander effect is a phenomenon which affects us all to some degree. Hoping that the next person will take the action you wish to see is merely passivity. A passive culture creates a stagnant society, one that is stuck in its old, often intolerant ways.

It is unrealistic to write a blog which encourages its readers to become militant activists, but together, lets take this one small step at a time. Beginning with the way our minds are habitually wired.

It’s about being a conscious consumer, a conscious audience, a conscious member of society.

While this introductory blog post may give the impression of an intense, perhaps “preachy” nature. My aim in creating a conscious culture begins with suggesting lifestyle choices.

While certain posts may be of a more thought provoking nature, majority of these posts will be more light-hearted. In a sense, giving some practical guidance to accompany this new awareness. Not only to think consciously, but to DO consciously.

You can expect some recipe ideas, ethical shopping guides and exercises to encourage this way of being.

I look forward to this mindful metamorphosis,



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