Empresses of Egoli


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Firstly, allow me to apologise for being a day late publishing this blog post. I promise I have a legitimate reason….

Meet Enzo.


He is our hand reared rescue pup. Although from very humble beginnings, he has decided that MacBook Pro laptops are his new chew toy of preference. As a result, I have a cracked screen and a laptop in repairs for the next 2 weeks.

But, fear not! I am committed to the spread of a conscious culture and therefore my bi-weekly blog posts will be halted no longer.

This week’s blog post has been in the works for quite some time and is one that I have been itching to share.

Have you ever been conscious enough of your surroundings to acknowledge every single person who crosses your path? I am not referring to merely noticing a person, but to actually being cognizant of the fact that every single person has their own story, their own hardships and traumas and also their own ambitions and achievements. We often get so caught up in the every day “grind” and feel as if others are obstructing our path but fail to stop and appreciate THEIR own personal paths.

Being the feminist that I am, I decided that I would like to create a sistership of sorts by acknowledging the lives of women whose paths I happened to cross and getting a sense of their feelings about womanhood and their personal ambitions for the sex.

I have decided to call this post Empresses of Egoli, not just for it’s alliteration appeal but also because every single one of these women ran their own empire on some level.


Meet our Empresses!




Hairstylist from Mozambique.

 I like making women feel beautiful!




Owner of a potato shop in Jeppe


 I don’t want to lie, I’m happy! I want to grow more each and every day



Retired model, currently working as a makeup artist (but still working it!)


As the saying goes, ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’, but we always let the man win because we have always been brought up to believe it’s a man’s world. In the coming years, I believe that there is hope for women, emancipated, independent single women, black, white, Indian, whatever. We are capable of leading. We don’t need to necessarily undermine men and say ‘men are trash’ and whatever. Lets push to be successful, let’s not be aggressive


Thandie, Kea and Mildred


(From left to right) Kea (portfolio manager), Mildred (Bookkeeper), Thandie (portfolio manager) of Quorum Properties

Mildred: I think women should be given more opportunities in the executive functions. I feel like there are not enough women CEOs and chairmen of companies. It’s always very male dominant, you never really find women on top. I think we can change it but I think we also need support from everyone around us because if no one is willing to change certain things, we’re always going to be stuck in the same place. We need to change the mindset of us and everyone around us

Unfortunately we weren’t able to catch this beautiful lady’s name because of a language barrier. A lady from the store next door had to translate for us but still, the communication was difficult.



Sells peanuts around Jeppe. Her baby is due in December

I want to see women being well treated




Freelance graphic designer

 I’d like to see women stand up for themselves more. We know the work place is still very male dominated, unfortunately. Even with the small stuff, just stand up for yourself and don’t be shy about your achievements. Be strong!




“I’d like to see a vision of womanhood that sees us being able to understand that there are very many ways to be a woman and that there are different struggles that make up different experiences of womanhood. I think within all of those struggles- no fear, no danger. Whether you’re a queer woman, a woman of colour, a working class woman, there should be no fear and no danger.


As with all of my posts, I would like this to be of an empowering nature rather than one of victimisation. These women have all experienced their own personal type of womanhood. Having been from different struggles, their stories and positions vary. However, they are starting their own revolution for the empowerment of woman, whether it may be by owning a small business or studying towards a career.

The starting point is there but the end point goes beyond the stars. Let’s soar.

Until next time,



Photography by the incredible Tessa Barlin @tessabarlin_wildlife


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