Growth Amongst the Concrete


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Today I want to chat about growth.  This concept is very subjective by nature and therefore is only measurable by the individual him/herself. While the ultimate end goal of one’s growth may differ from person to person, one cannot deny that the whole notion is one of self indulgence.

The significance of self indulgence in this sense is actually rather complex and should not be confused with that of selfishness. Often when one conceptualises this, ideas of hard work, dedication, determination and so forth come to mind. My question is, at what cost? I believe that a great challenge that we all experience at some point in our lives is in finding the harmony and balance between self love and kindness and the lengths we take each day to achieve this ultimate idealised growth. Whilst growth is fundamental to achieving the self actualisation we strive towards, sometimes the precendence that we place on it, naturally means that other aspects of life will tend to suffer.We live a  “hustle and grind” lifestyle and sometimes the tunnel vision towards our goals means we forget to think holistically.

The point of this shoot is to  highlight that there is beauty in every crevice of life and while it is important to focus inward, it is equally important to look up and appreciate the external. This is my vision of  growth amongst the concrete. Behind every decision- the beauty of the setting, the models, the clothing and the makeup there was consciousness. Every product and item of clothing were carefully considered ethical choices , each in their own right.



Model: Thabisile Zwane of Sync Models (@goldensyrup_ntha)

Makeup: Jess Shub (Facebook: Makeup by Jess)

Vest: Ester at Le Perline (@le_perline)

Skirt: Anyplace at Le Perline

Shoes: Footwork (@footwork_za)

Earrings: Inkaturah (@inkaturah)

Photographed by: Eddie (@thebeesource), edited by Ricky Want (@picture_rick)



(Left) Model: Harriet Brooks-Francis of Sync Models (@harrietbf)

Makeup: Amy Aronowitz (@amzam)

Crop top: EXJ at Le Perline

Pants: Le Perline

Shoes: Footwork

Photographed by: Ricky Want (@picture_rick)





Model: Jade Scott of Sync Models (@its_jade_scott)

Top: Please at Le Perline

Pants: Le Perline

Shoes: Footwork

Makeup: Amy

Photographed by: Eddie, edited by Ricky

IMG_5378.jpgChoker: Inkaturah

Photographed by: Ricky



Jumpsuit: Rinascimento at Le Perline

Makeup: Amy

Shoes: Footwork

Choker: Inkaturah

Photographed by: Ricky



Sunglasses: Mykita (Stylist’s own)

Photographed by: Ricky Want



Two piece outfit: EXJ at Le Perline

Makeup: Amy

Sunglasses: Models own

Shoes: Footwork

Earrings: Inkaturah

Photographed by: Eddie, edited by Ricky



Makeup:  Jess

Top: Anyplace at Le Perline

Skirt: Rina at Le Perline

Earrings: Inkaturah

Shoes: Footwork

Earrings: Inkaturah

Photographed by: Eddie, edited by Ricky

Photographed by: Ricky Want
Photographed by: Ricky Want



Model: Noncendo Zondi (@Unoncendo)

Makeup: Jess

Crop Top: Rinascimento at Le Perline

Skirt: Any Place at Le Perline

Shoes: Footwork

Photographed by:  Eddie, edited by Ricky

Photographed by Eddie, edited by Ricky





Striped top: Risac at Le Perline

Pants: Any Place at Le Perline:

Shoes: Footwork

Necklace: Inkaturah

Photographed by Ricky


Photographed by Ricky Want



(Harriet) Dress: Rinascimento at Tali Romberg

Makeup: Amy

(Thabisile) Dress: Jus d’Orange at Tali Romberg

Earrings: Inkaturah

Makeup: Jess

Photographed by: Ricky



Makeup: Jess

Crochet top: Lacomy at Tali Romberg

Pants: Le Perline

Choker: Inkaturah


Photographed by: Ricky

IMG_5431 (1).png
Photographed by Ricky Want

IMG_5424.png(Left) Dale Schmidt of Sync Models (@daleschmidt10)

All clothing: Dressed and designed by MR. By Michaela Ovadia (@michaelarebecca)

Shoes: Models own

Photographed by: Ricky Want

Photographed by Ricky Want


All clothing: Dressed and designed by MR. By Michaela Ovadia

Photographed by Ricky Want


Photographed by Ricky Want



Model: Shaun Goldberg (@shaunashley_)

All clothing: Dressed and designed by MR. By Michaela Ovadia

Photographed by: Ricky

Photographed by Ricky Want


All clothing: Dressed and designed by MR. By Michaela Ovadia

Photographed by: Ricky


Photographed by  Ricky Want


Le Perline

Dezzi and Barbara started Le Perline from home 20 years ago. They import all their clothing from Italy. They travel there twice a year and hand pick the latest fashions themselves. They now have a store in Senderwood and offer free services for dressing ladies and helping them with their wardrobes.

Contact Dezzi: 073 709 7644 or Barbara: 083 450 3127

15 Chaucer Avenue, Senderwood Shopping Centre

Tali Romberg

Tali studied fashion. She started off working in factories and then for various designers for many years. She has manufactured her own ranges. 8 years ago she started importing her clothing from Paris and Italy. Because of her trained eye in fashion, she is always finding good quality, well fitted clothing with an edge.

Call her for an appointment: 0828513927

Michaela Rebecca

Landforms is an organic menswear autumn/ winter collection designed for the metrosexual male who is conscious both about his appearance and the environment. The collection is inspired by the curved, natural, flowing lines of topography. The loose fitting, oversized silhouettes are inspired by daring Japanese street style and take the form of nature’s contours and mountain shapes with the use of raw and jagged edges. Dusty tones of browns, pinks and greys and the use of 100% natural fibres create an overall earthy feel. With sustainability being a growing phenomenon in the fashion industry, different methods of sustainability were implemented throughout the collection. These methods and approaches include the use of organic fabrics, local sourcing, eco-conscious production, donation and recycling of waste and garment after-care recommendations to continue a sustainable lifestyle.

Portfolio available at M.R Portfolio


Inkaturah = In essence
The brand name is derived from Katurah, my
second name, which means perfume. The analogy of a person’s scent to their character is often used, and so Inkaturah is when one is within their essence.

Each statement piece gives the wearer an opportunity to express themselves and is designed to be a miniature piece of art.

Designed with a layering technique, drawn from my architectural background and combined with my creative spirit and love of colour and materials.

The pieces are a combination of various geometres made from Wood, glass beads, brass, copper and fabric.

each piece has a unique story to tell and is representative of African Luxe: elegance and quality in African Design.



Find their shoes at The Showroom, Woodmead Valuemart, Shop S, Upper Level. — at Woodmead Value Mart or online at The Showroom Online


Special thanks and mention to:

Stacey Samiya! (inspace_stace) 


My badass sidekick, thank you for helping me with the styling. Without your creative eye, my vision of this shoot would never have come to life. Moreover, thank you for your cool and collected mind. Many a crises were avoided and averted thanks to your zen attitude.  I can’t wait for many future projects with you, you talented human!

Quorum Properties 

Thank you for allowing us to shoot on your beautiful rooftop of the Work + Art building in New Doornfontein. A special mention to the artist behind the sculpture that appears in many of the photographs, Jake Singer (@jakemichaelsinger)

A huge thank you goes out to all those that sponsored the clothing, jewelry and shoes.

Lastly, my whole heart is filled to the brim with gratitude to the models,  photographers and makeup artists for your patience, professionalism and for generally making the whole atmosphere on set a fun one!

Keep an eye out for the next blog post, which will be uploaded in two weeks time, for a detailed breakdown on all the cruelty free makeup used in this shoot!


Let that beauty seep through the cracks.

Until next time,





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